Dolmar 420

By | July 20, 2017

Home Accessories; Molle Panel. Universal MOLLE platform panel. Product Features: Elastic non-slip rubberized leg straps; Quick detach system . The straps are heavy gauge nylon, doubled up, with Velcro against matching Velcro strips on . Flat universal MOLLE panel (cm x cm). Can be used vertically and horizontally. The panel can be pushed into shoulder bags (TT Tac Case) or attached to . Del Molle Panels are innovative products that facilitate secure attachment of Velcro-backed name tapes, patches and insignia to any standard Molle surface.

Instagram Facebook Twitter . Degree Molle Panel – Black Colors (CLOSEOUTS). Jeep Overhead Swing-Down MOLLE Panel Provisions for RotopaX containers, MOLLE pouches, Quick Fist Clamps, Hi-Lift Jack, Recovery Shovels, and more. MOLLE Gun Safe Door Panel magazine pouches are available to match your custom made MOLLE Guns Safe Door Panel Organizer.

When I mounted mag pouches on my X-Belt PS the top of the mags stuck up higher than the top of the belt. This may not be a problem for .