Sekačka na kopřivy

By | December 17, 2015

GDS Impact wrenches For heavy screw joints on trucks, construction machinery, in commercial vehicle construction, in the petrochemical and other heavy . BP81 1/2in Air Impact Wrench 1/2in impact wrench with twin hammer mechanism. General features: impact wrenches. Fuel Tank This large tank has a 1. The gripping surfaces on the cap . Our ½ drive impact wrench is designed with professionals in mind. Learn more about our Impact wrenches range. Hilti Cordless Impact Wrenches – SIW 22T-A 1/- Ultimate-class 22V high-torque impact wrench with 1/detent pin anvil for anchoring and bolting.

Powerful and robust single hammer mechanism delivering a torque of 2N. Comfortable and ergonomic “soft” grip also insulating from the cold. Replaces your impact wrenches and drivers, electrical impact wrench , electric.

There are many types of sockets on the market, but all can be split into two categories: impact sockets and regular sockets.