Din 908

By | May 23, 2018

Plugs with hexagon socket with hexagon socket, steel. Anna meille palautetta tuotetietoihin ja –kuviin. Metric fine screw thread in accordance with DIN Part Part or Part Pipe thread in . Note: Screw plugs with collar and hexagon socket for plugging holes with.

DIN 9technical informations. Ota yhteyttä alla olevalla lomakkeella tai soita suoraan . Kopioi sivun osoite leikepöydälle. Tuotetta on varastossamme, heti toimitettavissa tai noudettavissa. Umpitulppa lambdan paikalle, mukana kuparitiiviste.

Hexagon socket screw plug with metric fine cylindrical thread. Multiple pitches for one size are . DIN9Hexagon Socket Screw Plug – product drawing – i=length(end to head. All measurements in millimeters (mm) . Surface finish: Electro zinc-plated. Use: Cylindrical plug with hex socket with head to close cooling cirque.

Get contact details, address, map on Indiamart. Thread d Innensechskant S, L, d2 . To complete our product range, we also have standard versions. Internal drive screw plugs with collar – Cylindrical thread. Deutsches Institut Fur Normung E. Optional copper or aluminium gasket. Hinweis:Verschlussschrauben mit Bund und Innensechskant zum Verschließen von Bohrungen mit . DIN – 9Hex Socket Screw Plug in these materials.

Material: Fe – plain, Zn – zinc plate Ms – brass. Breed assortiment, kwalitatief duurzame producten, jarenlange technische expertise en advies. Opmerking: Sluitschroeven met kraag en binnenzeskant voor het sluiten van boringen met.

MISUMI delivers punctually and offers fair prices. Prk Technologies Gmbh Providing Hexagonal Plugs Din 9,Hexagonal Plugs Suppliers, Din 9Manufacturers,Hexagonal Plugs Din 9Wholesalers . Relationship to other standards. Nota: Bouchons filetés avec embase et six pans creux pour obturation de perçages avec taraudage.

In assortment of hexagon socket screw plugs, cylindrical . Sechskantschrauben mit Zapfen, oder als Sechskantschrauben mit . INDUSTRIAS UGATU – Fabricación y comercialización de tuercas, arandelas, tornillos y varillas de acero. Din 9: We are Best Quality Fasteners a well established firm offers the standards Din 9at the best price with multiple application for Industires. Live R (PRE-S MIN DAYS ) 180. N-propyl-p-tolu i dine ) Use code no. God grant that they come to hand.

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